PJ Fashion Control is an Irish Fashion Model agency, legally established in year 2010. The idea was concieved by Promise John to promote African fashion model to the world through Fashion parades,Textile exhibition , forums and annual PJ Fashion Show and Award events, to celebrate Pageants of the year and other entertainment sector. The Ceo, Promise John hails from Ireland, born in Sudan and subsequely grew in in Nigeria and Ireland.

Firstly, she started by recycling used materials like tires,torn jeans,wires, bamboo woods and cowries, to design Ankara and brocade textile materials , luckily the PJ FASHION MODELING COMPANY successfully sold over 50,000 shirts in Cotonou -Republic of Benin, featuring two old Yoruba women to wear them as a showcase, following to the positive result of the sales and high demands, the CEO Promise John, went onto fabricating Bra with African colourful testiles for busty ladies , this initiatives brought PJ Fashion show company to prominence in 2011. The company went on business break from 2014 to 2016, to strategize the company’s structure to function perfectly around the globe. PJ Fashion Show also promotes annual PJF AWARDS.

The first PJ FASHION SHOW and Award event was held in Nigeria on the 20th November 2016, at Macdavos Hotel Ikeja Lagos, with the presence of Government personalities, Entertainment investors and notable Nigerian mainstream artistes alongside Nollywood actors and actress.The event was designed by PJ Fashion show with colourful African textiles, acient bicycles (White superb), with wooden seats.The reciepients got nominated in 2016 December to exhibit in 2017. As at 2018 it was classified as one of the oldest and most known African in diaspora events in Ireland.

PJ fashion company was created to design, market, manufacture, and sell clothes, footwear, most especially modelling and accessories.
the company was formulated to manage the process for consumers. The mass production of clothing began to lingering,PJ start to manufactur her own collection to produce dinner gown that did not require fitting session with the sewer or tailors. PJ fashion,indid become an established company in the institute in Dublin where you will see designees,makeup artist, hair stylist,when networks of neighborhood tailors casually evolved into manufacturing. The ensuing social and cultural changes of the time period signified the dawn of less restrictive and unilateral codes of dress. Changes in the business of fashion, and the establishment of designers as arbiters of taste, began to take shape in PJ fashion company.
In 2014, PJ FASHION SHOW was honored by the Ex Mayor of Dublin Oisín Quinn, with an Award plaque for Best Multiethnic Event of the year in Ireland,
In 2016, PJ FASHION SHOW recieved a humanitarian award from Aid People Change Naija (APCN Award) for Best Fashion modelling workshop of the Year.
In 2018, It was rated the biggest and most popular Nigerian Fashion model events in Diaspora by Nigeria Embassy in Ireland.