“Behind a successful  family Enterprise , certainly there is  a trace of an ideological  contribution from an experienced   family member”.

Recalling 15th century in Africa, 60% of Africans already  acknowledged the values of organic African textiles, but they probably lacked how colourful it was followed by incapability to Market their craft to the world. Early fashionist in Africa were focused on linen, 100% cottons, as time goes on, they realised the imporatance and  higher demands of the African organic  fabrics. On this  Fashion  topic, PJ fashion show is about to expatiate  and digress a legendary and historical  family of fashionists , from Nigeria.

Fashion designers in Ireland will be incomplete without  including names of veterans , with the likes of AC SHALOM Fashion ventures, situated in  Lucan- Dublin (Ireland) , founded by  a monarch affliated personality “Chief Anthony Okafor” in conjuction with his wife “Lòlò Chika Augusta Okafor” popularly known by her monarch title” Lòlò” in Dublin-Ireland. One of most celebrated acclaimed Fashion designers, tailoring  company with only dedicated workers, comprising sales personnels  to serve over  90 percent  of the handmades produced by the company to  African fabric  consumers, both in customized custumes for special events in Europe and Africa. Lòlò grew up to see her biological mother seriously dedicating her time in  custumizing fabrics for big events, either by hand or with Singer machines, no doubt, her family became prominent in Nigeria based on their Fashion creativities.  The emerged of  Lòlò Chika Augusta into Fashion model  and stylist industry wasn’t an impromptu professionalism, herself and husband previously paid their dues, studying tecnics to a well structured   business plan, that catapulted the family’s  enterprise to stardom. Its crystal clear that AC SHALOM Fashion ventures was an inherited ideology of  Lòlò’s mother, popularly  known for her fashion designing nationwide and international. The living veteran Fashionist still booming at Onitsha in Nigeria. The AC Shalom Fashion ventures is also stationed at Onitsha and in Lekki, branded by the name (AUSKNEK FASHION BOUTIQUE COLLECTIONS LEKKI LAGOS NIGERIA). Thanks to Lòlò  Chika Augusta, who previously  studied industrial design at ABU Zaria and today  specialised  in Textiles.

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